Space Girls

Space Girls

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

If Only...For A time Such as This

The issue is not where you are, but how you live wherever you are. – H. Nouwen
Though Paul spent a great deal of his life imprisoned, you’d hardly know it from his writings. Wow!
We frequently think to ourselves “if only my circumstances were different, then things would be better.” And so we begin the merry-go-round of wishful thinking: “if only I had a different job,” “if only I had a different spouse,” “if only I had stayed in school,” “if only, if only….” But such thinking is unproductive and actually blinds us to all that is good that God has placed in our lives and present situation. No matter where we are presently in life, it is good. The view we need to undertake is trying to seek out what God is trying to do through us in our present status or circumstances. What we’ll find often is that it’s not the circumstances that need change so much as it is our inner self and attitude. Remember, with God results count, excuses don’t.
Until tomorrow……
Pastor Botts
“….I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances…..” – Philippians 4:11

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