Space Girls

Space Girls

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


All things being equal, all things are never equal. - Anon 

Cain brought God an offering while Abel brought God his offering. We know which one God honored. Hmm! 

I’m sure we can all recall spelling bees and spelling tests from our past, and how we studied and were drilled in this. It helped us learn to read, write, communicate, and understand one another and the things of life better. And then we learned that certain words had more than one meaning so we had to learn the ‘context’ to get it right (i.e. bread – foodstuff, money). That’s one of the keys to understanding God at work in our lives. He often has a completely different spelling or understanding of words we encounter. We see them one way and He has a completely different expectation.

For example:           Us                        God          
Problem     =       opportunity          
Love           =       time          
Faith           =       obedience 

The key is for us to learn these and other words in the context God presents them and respond accordingly, and remember the end result is always for His glory. 

Until tomorrow….. 

Pastor Botts 

“…. For my thoughts are not your thoughts….” – Isaiah 55:8

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