Space Girls

Space Girls

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Good Habits Bad Habits

First we make our habits, and then our habits make us. – Anon

Daniel’s enemies knew exactly where he would be and what he would be doing at the hour of prayer. Wow!

When you get right down to it, most of what we do in our day to day life is out of habits we have developed over time. Just getting dressed we develop them (right leg first or left in putting on pants, right arm first or left in putting on a shirt or jacket), comfortable ‘motions’ that we rarely think about – habits. Some habits will inevitably bring us closer to God and others will lead us away from His path and blessings. And often many of those that lead us away are presented innocently through ‘friends’ and acquaintances and seem quite harmless. But any activity that hooks us and creates a conscious ‘tug’ in our hears between serving God in righteousness and appeasing our own desires should be examined closely. God has never been against us enjoying life, but our enjoyment of life should never precede our enjoying and yielding to Him in all things. God is ready to help us change or break those habits that hinder our growth in Him, so, if at first you don’t succeed – try praying.

Until tomorrow…..

Pastor Botts

"...Do not be deceived: ‘evil company corrupts good habits...” – I Corinthians 15:33

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