Space Girls

Space Girls

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Always Relevant

The bible is neither antique nor modern, it is eternal. – M. Luther  

Earth still being in existence is proof enough that God’s Word is still valid. Hmm!  

The wisdom, insight, truth, and foundational principles for life found in God’s Holy Word are as changeless and timeless as is He. It is a treasure that waits to be found, that increases in value the more we dig into it. Real truth never changes and cannot be made ‘less’ true, no matter the time or circumstance. God is God, always has been and always will be, in spite of what goes on in the world today. We may evolve in our cultural ‘norms’ and technologies, and even try to ignore God or say He’s outdated; but a quick look around tells us things are still going just as He purposed them. Trees still grow and blossom as He prescribed, seasons still follow one after another, night still follows day, and death still haunts us. And if we were to give careful consideration to what man has been up to the last few hundred years or so, I’m sure we’d all agree we’d rather have God over us than man.  

Until tomorrow….  

Pastor Botts  

“….Long ago I learned from your statutes that you established them to last forever.” – Psalm 119:152

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